We got Planning Permission for our One Planet Development!

It has finally happened..Carmarthenshire County Cancel has granted us full planning permission for our One Planet Development. That means that we now have permission to build our home and workshop in our woods. We will be building a small log cabin to live in that will be made from some of the wood on-site. The cabin will be heated using a wood burner and all of the wood to keep us warm will come from our own woodland.




The garden will supply us with our food and we will be using the project to find out how sustainable our vegan and gluten free diet is in the UK. We hope to be able to grow the majority of our food needs on the land and also experiment with alternative crops for items such as cashews and dates. We will also be growing a large supply of yacon tubers to be able to grow all of our own syrup and supply our chocolates with sustainable plant syrup grown in Wales….Chocolate grown in Wales!!


Planted Yacon


We bought the land about two and half years ago and we have spent the last two years observing the land and writing our planning application. We submitted our planning application last May and finally got our planning permission approved this January.




If anyone is thinking about unplugging from their current life and plugging into their dreams my advice would be…DO IT NOW!!!

You can have everything you dream of, take the risk and watch your whole life fall into place ♥

  • We are the first One Planet Development to get permission in Carmarthenshire.
  • We are the first One Planet Development to get permission without having to go through a Council Committee.
  • We are the first plant-based application, we are both vegan and gluten free.
  • We are the first One Planet Development to have no objections and only letters of approval.

Big love


2 thoughts on “We got Planning Permission for our One Planet Development!

  1. Hi, I’m amazed by your innovation! I currently have date seeds germinating (fingers crossed they’ll sprout) and been looking into ways on how to manage these here in Wales. I’m messaging as I’m a raw cake maker and I’d love to get more aquainted with you, as I think what you’re doing is amazing ! Currently building a brand with Cywain, to get my cakes out there. If I could get produce from here in Wales, I’d be more than happy to do business with you in future. For now, The Big Raw Co.

    1. Hi Bridie,

      For some reason only now your comment has appeared. How did the germination turn out?

      I no longer make or sell raw cakes as I am now concentrating on my naturopathic nutrition business. I have a course starting next Tuesday if you are interested? The information about the course is below…do get in touch if you are interested…

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      Do you want to feel more energised, work on anxiety problems and discover what stress does to your body?

      Come on my Health on a Plate course at C and M Organics, Hebron and empower yourself with the knowledge to feel fantastic!

      This will be the last time I run this course in this format, in this area, this year and there’s only a couple of places left so grab it NOW!

      Included in the price is the:
      Full 8 week course
      Workbook in folder (which is yours for life)
      Certification through The Nutritional Healing Foundation
      Invitations to the free nutrition meet ups
      Entry to the Facebook support group
      Discount code for food state supplements to use for life
      Recordings of all of the lectures

      The course covers, philosophy of cellular healing and lifestyle medicine, hydration and dehydration alert, therapeutic diets, dairy and plant-based alternatives, fats that heal and fats that kill, the power of essential fatty acids, purposeful supplementation, naturopathic techniques and how natural cycles affect our body…

      If the sound of that tickles your soul then you can get more information here:


      Any questions please do not hesitate to ask…

      I am a fully qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist that specialises in Lifestyle Medicine with over fiifteen years of teaching experience. I can’t wait to spend an evening every week with you and other like minded locals..


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