Raw Cakes, Chocolates and Brownies

Raw Orange Chocolate Swirl Cake

Exciting times at Plant Based Alchemy. Today we are making taster boxes to go out to local health food shops filled with raw cakes, brownies and chocolates. We now have a base to make all of our delicious goodies from – The Lammas Eco-Village.

All of our products are made in the kitchen in their hub which is totally off grid and powered by water. Our cakes, brownies and chocolates are raw, suitable for vegans and coeliacs, free from dairy, gluten, sugar cane and egg containing ingredients.

Where possible we include locally grown produce and all of our ingredients are grown without the use of chemicals. We support ethical trade and purchase our products from a variety of community based projects worldwide. Our vision is to be able to grow as much produce as possible locally and support communities around the world to grow what is not possible in our climate.

Over the next couple of weeks you should be able to see some of the delicious delights below appear in health shops across Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire and if not ask shops to stock them.

Raw Orange Chocolate Swirl Cake

A dance between cacao and sweet orange.

Raw Orange Chocolate Swirl Cake


Raw Casheeze Cake 

A swirl of love, beautiful cashews with a touch of local fruit.

Raw Casheeze Cake


Raw Chocolate Brownies

The perfect chocolate brownie, full of coconut and cacao for the ultimate energy boost.

Raw Chocolate Brownies


Raw White Choc Crunch

A touch of summer from local flowers, in a bed of magnesium.

Raw Floral White Choc Crunch


Raw Mint Crisp Chocolate

A mouthful of freshness with a delightful crisp.

Raw Mint Crisp


Raw O’mega Fruit and Nutty Chocolate

The perfect marriage of crunchy nuts and juicy fruit.

Raw O'mega Fruit and Nutty


Raw Cranberry and Orange Chocolate

An array of scrumptiousness with a touch of orange zing and juicy cranberries.

Raw Orange and Almond Chocolate

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