Our Story

‘Plant Based Alchemy’ is a unique business that offers products, advice and training based solely in the plant world and its astonishing powers of healing, both for the body and the mind. It is the vision of Salena Walker, who has been living a plant-based lifestyle for the past ten years and who, with her partner, has recently purchased ten acres of land in West Wales in order to fully concentrate on developing her plant-based life-style, business and courses.

“On the ten acre plot of land I will be working towards benefitting society in general through experimenting with different varieties of plants that have the potential to address shortages of certain foods in the future due to a shortage/price of oil. I will also be growing and experimenting with recipes that could in the future replace many of the products we currently get from abroad or which are fossil fuel reliant.”

Salena Walker Plant Based Alchemy


Plant based Alchemy’s courses will cover many aspects of plant based living. These will include practical courses on growing food, skincare and medicine, alongside cooking and nutrition.

Alongside these courses, Salena sells plant-based raw chocolates, cakes and cosmetics, incorporating fruits and herbs grown on Salena’s own land, developing Plant Based Alchemy into a truly locally-based and sustainable business.